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Custom Glock 19 pistol (9mm) for personal defense.

*One available, please call or email to order*



  • Fully modified grip with finger grooves removed, undercut trigger guard for comfort, beveled magazine well with grip plug for smooth reloading, thumb rests for precise indexing, Type 1 stippling pattern (provides aggressive grip without being too abrasive to clothing or skin).
  • Stainless steel slide with angled cocking serrations. Extended rear and front serrations provide additional non-slip surface for slide racking in all weather conditions.
  • Top serrations aid in racking the slide one-handed off of any available surface, in conjunction with the rear sight.
  • Ported slide….just for looks and a slight bit of weight reduction. Looks great with a stainless barrel!
  • Two-tone “antique brushed” moly resin finish in Magpul Stealth Grey and SOCOM Black. Slide stop and disassembly levers in Magpul Stealth Grey.
  • Polished internals for smoother function.
  • Extended magazine release for easier mag changes without having to adjust your grip.
  • Vickers Tactical slide stop provides better ergonomics for releasing and locking the slide to the rear.
  • Glock New York 1 trigger spring provides faster trigger return, smoother function and extreme reliability over the factory “S” spring.
  • Ghost EVO connector provides a lighter, shorter trigger stroke and return, a great self defense combination with the NY1 trigger spring.
  • Ameriglo Pro I-dot night sights. Front tritium is surrounded by highly visible fluorescent photoluminescent ring, and a single tritium dot in the rear, provides a very fast sight picture in all conditions and prevents sight misalignment under stress.
  • 3 Glock factory magazines with Vickers Tactical baseplates installed. Flared baseplates provide space to strip a magazine that doesn’t drop free.
  • Ghost Turbo Maritime spring cups. Allows the striker assembly to pass freely through water, oil and debris within the firing pin channel, preventing any resistence that can cause light primer strikes.
  • Engraved Thors Hammer logo (Mjolnir) and Elder Futhark runes for the letters “M” and “A”.

*Call or Email to order


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