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Hello world!

Midgard Armory was established in 2103 by Steve Jarrell, USAF veteran, graduate of Pennsylvania Gunsmith School and former Nuclear Security Officer. My goal is to provide customers with top quality products for or related to personal defense. All of the items I sell are from companies I trust and consider to be top notch in their field. Every firearm I build or customize is done so using only quality parts and in a fashion that will not inhibit reliability in any way. Reliability is a key focus over aesthetics on my custom firearms. I will not sacrifice function for looks when it comes to a tool that you may need to save your life one day. I tend to go back to the basics when it comes to my designs, nothing too complicated or fancy without some gain in performance. Internally I use as many factory parts as possible to maintain factory specs and reliability, upgrading where necessary to improve function. The Midgard Armory moto is “Reliability Above All Else” for a reason….a firearm should be there when you need, should function as you need it and should not fail in your moment of need. -Steve-

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