Midgard Armory LLC is owned and operated by Steve Jarrell, former United States Air Force Combat Arms Training and Maintenance Instructor (CATM), former Nuclear Security Officer (NSO1) and graduate of Pennsylvania Gunsmith School (June 2000). Every custom firearm is built one at a time with well thought out features and using only high quality parts. A firearm is a life saving tool that you have to be able to depend on and I cut zero corners when it comes to reliability and function. "Reliability Above All Else".


I am located in Dawsonville, Georgia



Midgard: The "Middle Enclosure" also known as "Middle Earth", is the realm of humans in Norse Mythology.


Additional Bio

Beretta U.S.A. Armorer Training Program, Smith and Wesson Warranty Repair Course, Glock Armorer's Course, Sig Sauer Law Enforcement Armorer's Course,
Rifle Dynamics AK Builder

Life Member- Gun Owners Of America
Member- Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network
Member- National Rifle Association


Iceland Photos by: Mark Jarrell

"Within the gates, ere a man shall go, full warily let him watch, full long let him look about him: for little he knows, where a foe may lurk, and sit in the seats within" -The Havamal,  Verse 1.